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Ironically, in the movie JAVA HEAT there is blatant product placement for Coke. In the scene shown, an innocent man is being interviewed in Java (the island), and he lifts his Coke three times to sip. All that’s missing is an “Ahhhhh…” Coke itself is anything but innocent. It lies to consumers, spreads fake news labeled Love, and causes disease while quietly backing out of environmental actions once the cameras stop rolling. By contrast, coffee is much better for you, health wise. So says Dr Bob Arnot in the new audiobook (which he narrates) THE COFFEE LOVERS DIET. He is a former medical correspondent for a major network, and got interested in researching coffee after getting up early every day to appear on camera with the benefit of the second most consumed beverage (after water.) Some surprises: Storing in fridge not recommended; light roast healthier than dark; high altitude Equatorial better tasting and health (Kenya/Colombia/Ethiopia.) (Another irony: Coke was complicit in the murders of union organizers in bottling plants in Colombia.) For the full reasons why and how, order these audiobooks at the link-images shown at The coffee diet book includes recipes for paring with food. Quote: “Fine coffee is like fine wine. The region and production methods vary, and affect taste and quality. The roasting affects micronutrient levels. Good light roast beans ground just prior to drinking are ten times as healthy than buying dark roast pre ground.” The science of coffee is a big part of the book, including studies his team conducted, showing coffee helps people lose weight if sugar isn’t added (or heavy cream.) Or if you get the coffee without the donuts. BTW, baristas were asked which coffee tastes best among pre ground in grocery stores, and answered Newman’s Own medium roast. Paul Newman product profits go to charity, too. A win/win. Books and coffee? Match made in heaven.

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