By “got,” of course, we mean Game of Thrones, which has been hacked. (Somebody “Got” GOT.) Not only are all the GOT books on audio, but others related, along with early stories by George RR Martin. Surprisingly, GOT fans may not even know about “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” or “The Science of Game of Thrones” or “Dreamsongs.” GOT is pretty deadly viewing, if not reading. Many of the characters are in need of emotional intelligence, if not psychiatric counseling. Anger management would help, too. In some ways, the series reflects the real Dark Ages, into which mother Earth still has a few ISIS toes dipped…with beheadings still happening. Wouldn’t it be interesting to insert a Special Forces team into the plot via time machine…and/or hire Assad or Kim Jong-un to play leader of the ice army? That, or the Emoji Movie. LOL.    

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