Newsweek cover

THE UMPIRE HAS NO CLOTHES: Diary of a Sports Atheist
by Walter Witty

“A dazzling tour de farce worthy of the Masters!” –Tiger Wood
“Prepare to be outraged, yet oddly intrigued.” –Clyde Clumberfelt, High Commissioner of Wiffleball
“A brisk swim upstream to lay an egg for free speech.” –Salmon RushDie
“Don’t just stew on this. Do yourself a flavor, and add it to your secret recipe for success!” –Ramsay Gordon
“As twisted as the 11th dimension. . .or inning.” –Albert Einstein on Ghost Hunters
“A literary event that would fill Beaver Stadium! . . .Now, can I please get a pilot for this blimp?” –Thomas Harrison

Narrated by a producer for ESPN.