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One of the most ridiculous yet funny movies on TV this year was Sharknado: Global Swarming. One of the most shocking misconceptions in the food world (in which WE are being “consumed” by advertisers) is in what’s “healthy” to eat. Shown is an IG sponsored ad from Food Lion. Food Shark is a better name. Orange juice is like OJ: sweet, might kill you. Sugar is the #1 killer (more than saturated fat) in causing diseases like diabetes, cancers, heart disease. (My big sister is nine years older than I, and always had a sweet tooth, but didn’t like to exercise; now she has bone and brain cancer.) Yes, there is vitamin C and other good things in OJ. But sugar is the main thing. Eat the whole orange–whole fruits–not their juices. Sugary cereal is shown too. Main ingredient: sugar. Plus added iron. “Enriched” with iron sounds good, right? Wrong. Americans get over 100 times the iron needed already, and the dosage is toxic and causes Alzheimers. Only in America is iron added to all flour products, including pasta and bagels and cereal. In countries like Italy (where they do not add iron and eat less meat, which is full of iron) people live longer with less dementia. Saturated fat in meat is not the cause of heart disease, either. It is SUGAR in the diet which turns fats bad. Baked potato with steak? Bad idea. Potato is starch is sugar. French fries rhymes with dies. Soda? Lock and load. Coffee good, muffin bad. Sources: order THE MIND SPAN DIET written by Harvard genetics researcher Dr. Preston Estep. Also THE BIG FAT SURPRISE, SALT SUGAR FAT, and MEATONOMICS, on audio at


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