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First, there were books, then audiobooks and ebooks, and then…the internet. Newspapers slowly died. Television became “smart” as we became dumb. And sports took over the world. Extinction soon followed.


Three mice were lost in a maze. The first said to the second, “Since our purpose in life is to find as much cheese as possible, and there’s no cheese right here, we must go in search of new cheese instead of waiting for it. We must change and adapt to conditions or we will die.”

The second mouse agreed, but then said to the first, “I wonder if there is more to life than cheese, though. I want to discover who is providing this cheese, and why. Furthermore, I believe I can escape the maze by realizing it’s an illusion, and creating my own rules and reality. My own game.”

Suddenly Mouse Three did an astonishing thing. It stared straight up for the first time, and then shouted to the other two, “Look!”

The other mice looked to the left and to the right, back and forth, inquiring “Where?”

“Up!” insisted Mouse Three.

“Up?” the other two asked in unison. Still caught on the plane of two dimensional thinking, they whirled around again and again, going in circles like lemmings about to dart off and over a cliff they couldn’t detect.

Mouse Three, realizing their dilemma, scampered over to each of them and—in turn—put his head under theirs to tilt their gaze upward toward the parallel universe of three dimensions just above them all. “See?”

They saw a huge creature with a massive head. Large blue eyes peered down at them. A giant hand gripped a thin, flat piece of wood. Another hand held a long, thin tube which it used to scratch along the top of the flat piece. In a flash of insight, Mouse Two said, “It’s making notes.”

“It?” said Mouse One, amazed. “Notes?”

“God,” said Mouse Three, “is taking notes about us.”

At this statement, a mouse wearing a white lab coat appeared, carrying four golden books. Pages were turned in one of them as the other three mice waited, jaws slack. At last Mouse Four spoke. “This is the program,” it declared. “The rule book. The Bible. Up to now you have followed its precepts within the narrow parameters of its allowable free will. But since you’ve now discovered the Truth behind your programming, and witnessed another dimension of meaning behind your world, the controllers must reprogram you and place you in different mazes with other mice. You will remember nothing, not even your own first name. Have you anything to say about this?” Mouse Four waited. There was no response, only astonishment. “I didn’t think so. In fact, when it was my turn, I didn’t think at all.”

Suddenly three other lab coats dropped out of the third dimension above, and landed at their feet. Mouse Four gave each of them a copy of the Bible. “What’s happening?” Mouse Three asked.

“You are being promoted,” Mouse Four replied. “You are leaving this world and going to the next. There you will do God’s bidding by studying and enabling the actions of others.”

“For what purpose?” asked Mouse Two.

“You cannot ask such a question,” Mouse Four responded.

“But I just did.”

“Me too,” said Mouse Three. Mouse One only looked confused.

“Okay, then,” Mouse Four whispered. “I don’t know what it means, but there’s a word for it.”

“A word for what?” asked Mouse Two.

“For the meaning of all this!” Mouse Four whispered hotly, trying not to move his lips. “God’s word.”

“Which is?” asked Mouse Three.



“Shhhhh,” said Mouse Four. “He’s watching! Now put on your coats, and start reading your Bible.”

Mouse Three watched as the other two donned their white garments. He looked down at the cover of the book he held, which read TV Guide. “What’s your last name?” he asked Mouse Four.

“Same as yours,” Mouse Four replied, glancing up with a hopeful smile into heaven.Nielsen.” 😈