There are slightly more women in the world than men, and women live longer too. Most men are drawn to them, but generally find them hard to understand. Some women don’t even understand themselves. Of course everyone is an individual, and as such each is unique. In the Arab world many women must wear burkas. An exception to this is Dubai, where modesty is encouraged and burkas are not entirely absent. Money is the unofficial God there, as Asian workers are exploited. In parts of Africa it is worse for women. Ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Men? Call us the rarer sex. LOL. Most men are more easily understood. Intuition exists, but it is generally dismissed in favor of sport. With rare exceptions, everything is a sport to men, including sex. Ask any of the MeToo victims. Ask Trump, too. He’s a former game show host who married a supermodel. A direct quote: “I love to win. You say whatever you have to in order to win. Then you can do what you want.” He said this to a TMZ reporter who is also a lawyer. He loves to sue, and is being sued. So not only is politics a game, but justice, too. Can you say “plea bargain?” Most of the hundreds of thousands currently in jail are poor, in there for drug possession, costing the taxpayer billions per year. Meanwhile the opioid epidemic is thanks to Congress voting against legislation while being lobbied by giant pharmaceutical companies. But I digress. If you are a non-gay man, and don’t like sports, you are an outcast. A rarer rare. Now, many women love sports too, but generally don’t go batshit fanatical over it. Generally speaking. They don’t usually paint themselves in day-glow colors and worship at the shines of NFL, NBA, and UFC Dioceses (while wearing bling), either. Trump disses football players who don’t kneel to him, and instead loves wrestling, which is another form of Fake News. There are videos of him in the ring, shaving the High Commissioner to prove he’s got a bigger button, marked Me. Or meme. He said he likes Kanye, but has since changed his tune since Kanye said he might run for President. He dislikes Oprah too, now, despite her being a billionaire. GED holder (Gang Education Degree?) 50 Cent wears a gold Jesus cross as he points his gun at the viewer. He dissed Floyd Mayweather Jr. for not being able to read, but neither Kanye nor Trump like to read. We live in strange times. Or, as the ancient non-“History” Channel saying goes, “May you live in interesting times.” Ask Jonathan Goldsmith, the former “World’s Most Interesting Man,” about that. A friend of Manny Pacquiao (they play chess together), and Obama, Goldsmith’s real life was anything but bling-filled glamour. Read his memoir, which details living out of a truck, doing bit roles for movie stars until he happened to attend an audition for Dos Equis. He got the role because, on the way out, he indicated all the young men there, and asked, “interesting?” How can you be inexperienced and interesting? “I was probably killed on set more times than anyone, up to then,” he says. “Shot, drowned, set on fire, knifed, you name it.” His real home now is filled with books. A rarer rare. If you don’t read, how can you be interesting? To meme, sports are boring by comparison. Which is why I’m “the sports atheist.” I’ve read or heard over 2000 books in all categories, from science to science fiction. The best science book I’ve ever heard is “The Beginning of Infinity,” and the best fiction book “Purple Cane Road.” Both are masterpieces. Neither author has time for sports. Time spent watching TV is time lost to everything else: a simple fact, disputed by Flat-Earthers. Call us freaks and losers, if you like. But we are in good company. Einstein was a pacifist who once said, “Nationalism is the measles of humanity.” Trump is a nationalist anti-science, non-reading narcissist. He was Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Einstein? Person of the Century. Will the 21st Century’s “Person” be male or female? Flip a coin. No one can predict the future, especially not Nostradumbass.