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Subtitle is “The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress.” ENLIGHTENMENT NOW is not for Christians or Muslims unwilling to listen to new ideas. The author is an atheist. A scientist. The words “enlightenment” and “humanism” (if not “reason, science, and progress”) make the majority of Americans cringe. Certainly the Trump faithful. But even Trump is willing to listen, since he doesn’t want to lose more votes from the left. (So bump stocks may be going away, if not age 18-20 assault rifle buyers.) Even if you hate the left, and prefer Billy Graham, at least give this a listen. Why? It is Bill Gates’ “new favorite book of all time.” Bill is also a Billionaire. Quite a bit richer than Trump, and now using his money to do good in the world. Pinker’s focus is on change, which is always scary. In the Dark Ages, nothing changed. Dogma ruled, rulers lopped off heads. (Even Putin doesn’t do that. He prefers poison.) Life was “brutal and short.” Why should Christians listen? Because an open mind is less violent, and more prone to learning. Narrated on audio by veteran performer Arthur Morey, the book is optimistic about the future instead of apocalyptic. Pinker quotes The Beginning of Infinity, called one of the most profound science books of all time, in describing how science works, as a means to debunk conspiracy theories. (Sidenote not in the book: Trump thanked Alex Jones of InfoWars for his help in 2016, a man who believes in Pizzagate, Chemtrails, 9/11 conspiracy, and is liked by Russia Times. Asked to name a fav verse in the Bible, Trump couldn’t, yet thousands of Flat Earthers on Youtube claim the Bible says the Earth is flat, and voted for him as “a man of God.” Alex was outed admitting he was “a performance artist.” ie. liar.) Thoughts?  Read the comments on this video: they hate all women, not just Megyn Kelly…. Alex Jones never graduated from college. He sells Viagra type pills, and calls YOU “shills.” He said Sandy Hook was a hoax. A great bad guy, as in my novel.