Father figure

Don’t know about you, but I never really knew my dad. He wasn’t around much, never bonded by throwing a ball with me, and was just this vagabond taxi driver whose only advice to me was, “never drive a cab.” His sole gift to me was a mechanical pencil. It is why I wrote this story collection, which includes a prequel to the movie “Collateral,”and  which starred Tom Cruise, whose sociopathic character in the film is a total mystery, which I wanted to unravel. (Dad went a bit nuts, in the end, too.)  I used the pencil to write Ray Bradbury, who responded to every letter with his own advice. “Keep writing,” was his message, mostly. Ray once signed a response, “your honorary Papa.” That letter is now framed. I’d told Ray about my dad, you see. We all have our stories. Now you know one of mine.  

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby was a father figure to millions. He betrayed their trust. He helped Coca-Cola in Atlanta spread their lies, too. “Love” to Coke means money.